Which is the best looking NBA All-Star jersey in the last 15 years? ( II )

Let’s continue to talk about the NBA All star jerseys.

The year began with the appearance of strange short-sleeved jerseys in the league. was Adidas’ design concept to not be embarrassing to wear while playing soccer? The font on the chest of the jersey was also eliminated and replaced by a logo in the middle, with W for West and E for East.

A return to minimalism for the All-Star jersey design, this one’s highly acclaimed! It starts with the main color of the jersey, pure white in the east and pure black in the west, an indirect tribute to the mecca of basketball, New York! The jersey specifically incorporates urban design elements, with the five stars on the side of the jersey representing the five boroughs of New York.

For the first time in the history of the All-Star jersey, a sponsor’s logo appeared, signaling the upcoming start of a new era of jersey advertising in the NBA. This year, the East and West jerseys were colored red and white and white and blue respectively, with a maple leaf covering the front of the jersey as a tribute to Canada’s national symbol; the cityscape detail on the back of the jersey represented the host city – Toronto.

All-Star Weekend was held in New Orleans, with the East All-Stars’ jerseys in gray and the West in black, both of which leaned toward minimalism and a bland overall design. With the contract expiring, this is the last generation of All-Star jerseys designed by Adidas for the NBA.

The All-Star jerseys designed by Jordan Brand not only incorporate the brand’s latest design styles and innovative technology, but also feature each player’s respective team’s logo in a clean and sharp black and white color base inspired by the Los Angeles road sign font. Its outstanding design aesthetic allows the jersey to be worn with texture both on and off the field. Other design highlights include a textured Jumpman logo, “All-Star Edition” above the size tag, and a star embossed on the sides of the woven band as a tribute to previous All-Star jerseys.

The main colors of the 2019 All-Star in Charlotte continue the 2018 black and white theme, with a giant Logo on the chest and the number and player name on the back. Red, white and blue accents were added to the collar, cuffs and waistband, and a pentagram was added to the waist on both sides, with elements of the host Charlotte Hornets’ beehive.

In fact, in addition to temporarily adding a tribute to Kobe’s design on the jerseys, the NBA also paid tribute to Kobe by changing the rules of the game. The game will not have a time limit in the 4th quarter of play, but rather a target point total – the total number of points scored by the leading team in the first 3 quarters plus 24 points. In addition to the NBA All-Star Game, the other two major events in February – the Super Bowl and the Oscars – have their own segments paying tribute to Kobe.

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Of course, the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend there are more personal tribute to Kobe links, such as wearing Kobe’s former No. 8 or No. 24 jersey, these are the best way to remember Kobe. It is certain that the 2020 Chicago All-Star Game “tribute to Kobe” will be the most important keyword.


The 2021 All-Star jerseys font in the center bears some resemblance to the old Indiana Pacers logo, which makes sense because the game was originally set in Indianapolis. The blue and yellow color scheme is also a callback to the Midwest team. Each jersey will feature patches celebrating the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and UNCF.