Which is the best looking NBA All-Star jersey in the last 15 years? ( I )

In fact, every year’s NBA jersey attracts controversy, and this year again, some users ran to the official tweet of Bleacher Report NBA, which first revealed the jersey photos, and exchanged dislikes.

The 2004 All-Star jersey eliminated the “All Stars” lettering and changed the slanted “West” and “East” letter alignment from horizontal to diagonal downward. The colors changed from solid to red accents.

The “East” and “West” lettering on the All-Star jerseys has been changed again, with horizontal alignment. The main color of the jerseys is East blue and West white.

The jerseys changed from solid colors to a two-color ensemble, with the East color scheme being white with blue and the West being white with red. The elements of the city were fused into the jersey, the stars that were originally on the sides were moved to the middle, and the thickness of the stripes changed, making this probably the best looking All-Star jersey of the year.

The All-Star Game was held in Las Vegas, a city without an NBA team. This year, the All-Star jerseys returned to monochrome design, and the previous star elements were removed and replaced with a fragmented pattern, with the words “East” and “West” being more ethereal, reminding people of the bright lights of Vegas at once.

It was the first time that New Orleans, the home of jazz, hosted the All-Star Game, and the jersey design was gorgeous, with the “East” and “West” fonts designed in a very elegant way, and the back of the jersey also added a gold and silver color scheme to echo it.


This year’s All-Star jersey had a lot of bad reviews, and the shorts had a flaming mass symbolizing the phoenix. Basically from this year, Adidas designed NBA All-Star jerseys are getting uglier and uglier on the road!

This year’s All-Star jerseys added more line elements to the red and blue colors, with a five-pointed star printed on the chest of the jersey in a combination of diamond patterns. The main color of the West All-Star became red, and the blue of the East became slightly lighter. The jerseys are slightly embellished, echoing the “Western Cowboys”.

For the 2011 NBA All-Star season, Adidas incorporated Tech-Fit energy stripe technology into the jersey, and TPU energy mesh was added to many parts of the jersey. Of course, the main colors of the jersey remained red and blue, and the stars were reintroduced into the jersey’s design.

A gradient color scheme is used, with the East jersey moving from dark blue to light blue and the West from dark red to light red. The words “All Star” return to the jersey design, with the numbers sandwiched between the letters of the alphabet.

The All-Star Game was held in Houston this year, and the jersey design again removed the “All Star” from the chest, and returned the main color to a solid color, but with blue and red accents on the shoulders and waist, swapped between the east and west.