What if NBA All-Star jersey number duplicate?

First of all, I am sure that the questioner must have rarely watched the NBA All-Star Game, or although watched the All-Star Game, but did not look closely at the players on the field.

In fact, the NBA All-Star game, allowing the same team the same number jersey players play at the same time, that is to say, you wear No. 1, I wear No. 1, the back are written on East, can also be normal game!

 2001 NBA All Star

The fans who have watched the game for a relatively long time know that the previous NBA All-Star game everyone is wearing their respective team uniforms, often colorful and radiant on the field of play, perhaps after the league felt that the judges or fans watching the game, too much color eyes too tired, since 2003, the league unified the All-Star jerseys. I cite a few simple examples, for example, Duncan and Garnett are long-term Western All-Star players, they both wear No. 21 jersey, and at the same time started over , if in a club team certainly on is not possible, but in the All-Star game, before we can see wearing No. 21 Spurs jersey Duncan and wearing No. 21 Timberwolves jersey Garnett. This is the 1998 All-Star Game, Duncan and Garnett wearing their respective team uniforms when the All-Star group photo, you can see the shirt left above the NBA star logo.

This is the 2003 All-Star Game, after the official unification of the All-Star jerseys, Duncan and Garnett together, it is clear that they are still number 21!

This is the 2006 All-Star Game Eastern Conference lineup, Iverson and Wade wearing the No. 3 jersey at the same time when the photo together!

For the most recent, take a look at the Eastern Conference lineup for the 2017 All-Star Game, where Wall and Irving both wore the No. 2 jersey.

Then take a look at the recent 2017 All-Star Game West lineup, where Green and Davis both wore the same number 23.

And then look at the 2012 All-Star Game East lineup, repeat the number even more, from the chart can clearly see Rondo, Iguodala, Luol. Deng, all 3 of them wore No. 9 jerseys, Rose and Bosh wore No. 1  jerseys!

In general, the NBA All-Star Game is a rare annual gathering of NBA stars, consisting of two teams from the East and West, previously in the East or West, some stars have exactly the same number, but since you are an All-Star, and most of this game is based on the nature of entertainment, so the statistics, will not be based on the statistics of their respective teams, but rather statistics that say you a certain someone in the All-Star scored how many The statistics say how many points, how many rebounds, how many assists you scored in the all-star game. And on a game, the judges know these players, after all, the All-Star Game is a personal honor-based entertainment event, players are not related to each other, and not because of the number conflict and conflict, so in general even if you 5 people are all the same number, the NBA All-Star Game is allowed.

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