The truth about the All-Star Game jersey auction

At the end of the 2016 All-Star Game, Stephen Curry took his GU (Game Used) jersey to Kobe after the game that day to sign, so this jersey may not be on NBA Auction, but according to the experience of previous years, this is a time for the NBA to make a lot of extra income!

In fact, for this kind of game with important significance, generally is the first and second half wearing the same different pieces of jerseys. I deliberately went to find a few players’ locker room photos and found that the eastern star team is almost equipped with two pieces, while the western star team has only one.

But it’s also possible to get a new one for them at halftime, after all, in a game like this, players will want to keep one for themselves. (Warriors Christmas game is obviously equipped with two pieces)

As most Auction fans know, the website often lists “First half only”, which means that only the first half will be auctioned off, and the second half will be given to the players for their own preservation and remembrance. For example, Porzingis, who is also very popular in this year’s best rookie list, has put up the words “First Half Only” in this year’s auction.

And by February 24, finally wait until NBA Auction will be this year’s Toronto All-Star Game jerseys on the shelves, as expected, as predicted at the beginning, all the stars are clear “First Half Only”, after all, the star game for the players is a very big affirmation, of course, they will also want to The collection. The evidence is shown below.

Of course, to be more sure whether the player will save the jersey, sometimes you can also play the name of the player + Colletion words to find some traces, I just saw a picture for the small O’Neal home collection photo, the background just put his 2003 All Star NBA jersey that destroyed Jordan retired MVP of the All-Star Game.