NBA five ugliest all-star game jerseys

The 15 year all-star jerseys are unique in removing the logo lettering of the east and west divisions, the back of the star’s name is indeed more sensational, but the front of a jersey above only a large jersey number, making people feel very uncomfortable.

09 All-Star jersey pattern really makes people feel very embarrassed, the East and West logo lettering is really huge ugly incomparable, such jersey style is really hard to let people accept.

The 08 jersey is also ugly surprisingly, that pattern to fancy feel less fancy, but rather give a sense of chaos, the players wear is also feeling particularly strange.

The 17 year all-star jersey style can only be considered general, but this color match is really let people feel very collapse, many netizens are more directly spit this is a training camp training uniform it.

The 14-year All-Star jersey is known as the ugliest ever, no one! The jersey canceled the traditional short-sleeved into a long-sleeved jersey, and the whole color with green, the middle pattern is ugly, this jersey you pass out to say is the NBA jersey estimated no one believe.