2022 All-Star jerseys trolled for lack of design inspiration

2022 NBA East All-Star starting list, Durant and James served as the East and West captain, respectively, of which James was elected the current NBA All-Star ticket king, which is also James’s 5th consecutive year as captain, the 18th time into the All-Star tied Kobe, second only to Jabbar’s 19 times. James became the All-Star ticket king for the 9th time also tied Jordan’s record, and ranked first in NBA history. Durant was the captain of the East for the second year in a row, holding up the pressure in the final moments and not letting the Bucks’ alphabet overtake.

2022 NBA All Star Jersey

2022 All-Star jerseys, unlike last year’s All-Star East and West jerseys in blue and yellow, this year’s All-Star jersey colors are red and gray, with a large NBA logo and the words All-Star printed on the front and the 75th anniversary elements on the back.

Such a uniform has also been touted by outsiders as the ugliest ever, surpassing last year’s yellow and blue battle, and many others said they could save money.

NBA All-Star history of classic robes and many, including 1996, 2003, and even recently this year directly in the middle of the respective team’s big LOGO is also very good.